Repeat an Action (Nest)

Hello All -

I have a situation where my Nest seems to like to come out of “Eco” (SetStructure - away) mode from time to time even though Vera is happily in Away or Vacation mode.

I’d like to use Reactor to periodically reset Nest to “away” mode (e.g. once per hour). Is there a way to do this?


I’m traveling and can’t do detailed responses at the moment, but maybe others can share their ideas. The Interval condition may be useful in this context.

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I use the interval condition to check the status and update my BlueIris profile every 15 minutes. Looks like this:

Camera Status is a virtual switch to disable all the camera’s in case the wife wants to sneak something in to the house without being recorded. I assumed that was so she could sneak in gifts for me.
The interval starts when the mode changes and retriggers every 15 minutes causing the BI:Night group to go true. That sends a command to BlueIris to switch to the appropriate mode if it somehow was changed.

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This is working great! Thanks for the quick response!