Repair tab disappeared

hi i am trying to heal my z wave network under UI7 but the repair tab has disappeared from the z wave settings option
how can i solve this?

Where did Heal/Repair go

You would have to downgrade to an older firmware.

So does the heal happen automatically now when a new device is installed?

So how do we repair now? I have the ‘current status: 1 device is no longer connected’ error again. Usually I would run the repair and the other devices would find it, but now that option is gone?

With the new firmware, the Z-Wave network manages its own routing automatically.

Vera performs a heal each night automatically. I’ve not verified if it actually does network operations or if it is just doing internal maintenance.

Hopefully your device will have reappeared by the time you read this. If not, you may need to exclude/include.

Hi there,

So, i am with all my z-wave devices “no longer connected” and i used to do a repair to resolve this issue. So what are my solution now?



Add me to the list. Up to 4 devices as of today saying not connected though I know for a fact at least one of these, a 4in1 sensor is at least partly working OK.

If the devices aren’t working again by the following day, then try performing a restore from backup of your Vera. If that does not resolve the issue, contact Vera support.

I had the same problem for several weeks. I could not get the errors to clear. Tech support was able to remote in and fix the issues.