Renaming devices

Is there any way to rename a number of devices without a restart between each one? I am using ALTUI to rename them but each rename forces a luup restart - very time consuming.



Renaming with ALTUI does not cause a luup reload for me… doing it on UI7 does. Maybe try to change the name by editing the name field in the attributes page?

I just rename the device in the device’s Advanced > Params tab. I change room numbers that way, too.

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Man, I wish I had known that as I was reorganizing my 12 PLEG devices last month.

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Rafale, do you run altui on vera or elsewhere? When I was testing and running altui on a docker I was able to instantly rename device there as well.

I suppose your docker is actually openLuup. I run ALTUI on both a vera and on openLuup.

Yes it was. And on vera reload needed, on docker didnt.