Rename The Broadcasted Network Name?

When I do a scan of available networks, my unit comes up as vera_xxxxxxxx. How do I change it so it is not advertising that I have a home automation unit?

I’m no security expert, but it seems pretty stupid to advertise what this network is and that I have the unit to begin with… Either way, I would like to change it. How do I go about doing that? Thanks.

Surly it is possible to change the units network name? I just can’t find out where to do it.

If you’re on UI6, then this applies (see comments at the bottom):

If you’re on UI5, then it’s exposed under:
Setup / Net & Wi-fi

but only when the i Manually Configure[/i] option is set.

NOTE: It can be tricky to get these settings Saved from the UI5 interface, so double check your work after making changes.