Removing / Excluding / Deleting a device from the shell?


I added a device to my network that is causing the Lua engine to restart every 60 seconds or so. Is there a way I can remove the device from the shell since UI4 / UI5 won’t let me do it. The server is basically starting up, and then immediately crashing and restarting, making the UI unusable.


If you wrote some code, or “deployed” an existing Plugin, and that’s the cause of the problem then you can remove the Plugin’s files (or rename them) and it’ll stop.

To do this, SSH into Vera:

and then …

for custom plugins:
[tt]cd /etc/cmh-ludl[/tt]

if it’s a built in one, they’re in [tt]/etc/cmh-lu[/tt] instead.

Then use “[tt]mv[/tt]” to move the implementation file to the side:
[tt]mv I_MyCustomCode.xml.lzo I_MyCustomCode.xml.old[/tt]

and next time it reboots, that device will effectively not start and you’ll be able to use the UI to “fix” whatever the problem is with in.

Hey guessed,

Thanks for the help. I solved the problem by editting the device out of my /etc/cmh/user_data.json.lzo

I first uncompressed the file with pluto-lzo and then recompressed it back after I editted the information out.


Ah yes, brute force… That works also. Always a little cautious editing mine in case I make a typo, but I’ve used the other technique more than a few times to correct ‘issues’ I’ve introduced.

Glad to see you got it all recovered 8)