Removing decimals in Watts - any news if 7.0.12 beta does it

Not sure where to post this, but I did not get any response to my posts in the threads about the new 7.0.12 beta (that I would rather not test now as my Vera is in a vacation place and I won’t be able to power cycle it if anything goes wrong with the upgrade)

I am sick and tired with the display of watts in energy monitoring devices with three decimals since 7.0.11 firmware. To add insult to injury, the internal device variable “Watts” being also with three decimals all charting/graphing apps keep logging micro power fluctuations even if reducing polling or auto reports to the minimum possible.

Before I embark on editing device jsons and writing lua event watchers to create rounding functions, I would be so grateful if anyone running the new beta firmware could confirm if watts reporting is still with decimals instead of whole watts ?