Remove scenes?

I can’t remove a scene. I have two scenes in there that are named “New Scene” and I can’t get rid of them. I click the + sign beside them but nothing happens.

Yes, you need to press the “+” button first before you see the remove button.
Did you try to rename them with a non default title?

HF, Chris. ::slight_smile:

Yes, it doesn’t do anything :slight_smile:

It does not allow you to even change the event name? ???
What browser are you using?

HF, Chris

I can change the name of the scene and add new scenes but cant edit any of them the + sign does not function for me at all. Also, i am using firefox

This shouldn’t happen. When it’s in this state and you have a few minutes for me to check it out, try calling me at (702) 487-9770 ext. 803, or go to, click support, and send an instant message. If you enable the remote access I can view your config site in Firefox as well to see if maybe there’s a java script error or something that’s preventing the + button from working. BTW, be sure you hit F5 to reload the site. Sometimes after upgrade if you don’t do this the browser is caching old versions of the javascript functions and it causes the pages to break.