Remotes compatible with VeraLite

I have a Zwave remote brought in 2014 from the brand AEON. It never worked well, there’s always a delay (several seconds) between the moment I push the button and the moment the scene is executed…
Over time, I got used to it but it’s not very convenient as I use the remote to open / close my window stores.

I am looking for a zwave or zigbee REMOTE compatible with my VeraLite, one that instantly execute my scene. Any model to recommend me?


The delay is probably nothing to do with the remote. I use several Aeon minimotes and they work fine. Try executing your scene directly from the UI and see how fast it responds.

@curiousB do you have the “AEON LABS DSA03 Minimote”? How far your remote is from your Vera?
From the UI, the scene responds very fast, almost immediately.
When I push the button on the remote, the lights (green, red) blink several time and it can take 1 second, 5 seconds, 10 seconds… It’s really random.
I use Apple Shortcuts also and there’s no delay with NFC + iPhone shortcuts.

Never seen that but have you set an actions for single press, long press, double press, … and so on?

I have set the long and single tap to run the same scene so if the button is held too long it runs the right scene either way.

You can also associate the Minomote to control a device directly. I’ve never done associations but many others have. Then you could trigger off the change of state of that device to run the rest of the scene.