Remote Tablet Setup Help Needed

I’m looking to set up an Andriod tablet to view and control my home from a vacation home in another state. I have been successful getting everything on Blue Iris to work fine but I can’t seem to get Vera itself to work. I have the Vera system set to force remote but it can’t seem to load any of my devices. I’m guessing I’m just missing something simple but so far I’m lost, can anyone help.


Is this particularly on your tablet, i.e. does Imperihome work on your mobile phome when you are on roaming.?
Perhaps your router is blocking some traffic… i am only guessing

I was able to get this working last night. For others that may experience this here is what I found out. What I had done was to import the configuration from another identical tablet that is local to the Vera and then modify it with the new WIFI information. That approach did not work correctly. I was able to get to my Vera using the configuration wizard, and it said that it saw 153 devices which is correct. It also would show all the devices if I attempted to create a new widget but never would it actually get status or control the device.

The answer was to start from scratch and NOT import the config from the home tablet. I had to re-build each and every widget but it’s now working.

Ouch. That’s pretty harsh