Remote Servers Down?

I was not able to access my veralite remotely last night or this morning. Are the fwd5 and fwd6 servers down? I think we need a sticky here that reports vera outages so we don’t pull our hair out trying to figure out why our remote applications aren’t working.


I’m also on fwd5. I am am to log in remotely from in a browser but none of the iOS apps will connect when I’m not on wifi. I’ve noticed this off and on for the last two days with more than one iPhone app so I know it’s not the individual app’s problem.

I’ve received several emails regarding users having issues with my app including myself. Remote access is sporadic and has been going on for the last few days.

  • Garrett

Also having trouble connecting. I’m getting either

[i]Unable to reach the Remote Assistance Server.

Please try again in a few moments.[/i]

or a popup from the control panel that reads

[i]Data not loading?

  • Setup your network or
  • Upgrade your firmware or
  • Activate remote assistance
  • Request tech support[/i]

All the subdomains are pingable.

Has there been any response from the folks at micasaverde or about this?