Remote power switch for pc/server?


Looking for a power switch that would be good enough to control power to a PC or server.

Application is a 2nd home where we’ll be away for months at a time and if I need to force a hard reboot on the server I want to be able to do so.

Any thoughts? Looking for a z-wave device but maybe instead should just go with something like this:

A z-wave Appliance Module would work fine. Do not use the lamp modules as they are dimmable. The appliance module has a relay to switch devices on and off.

If there were no chance that the lamp module would be dimmed, could they still be used as the switch in question?

I know the GE dimmable switches do “soft” turn ons (The dimmer is turned up from zero, even with an on command). I have not tried any of the lamp modules. The other issue with the lamp modules is their rating is typically much lower than the appliance modules. Although their rating is probably ok for a computer that is on, some computers take a larger amount of power on power on. This could exceed the rating of the dimmer and lead to short life.

For my case, what I am attempting to do is turn a wifi repeater on and off to reset it (it’s a bit flaky), and it draws very little power. Might work well for me if it doesn’t “ramp up”. Thanks.

By default the dimmers ramp up and down, even when just switching them on/off. Depending on the dimmer, that behavior can be changed and you may get something close to on/off, but it is still not a relay. I wouldn’t hook a computer power supply to it.

You do not want to use Dimming modules to control appliances - dimming modules are only 300 watt max. Appliances no matter how much wattage the draw need to use a relay switch(on/off) - this will protect the Z-Wave module and the appliance you are controlling. Another option would be a Z-Wave receptacle like the ZRR150: or GE 45605 Receptacle: as a couple of examples