Remote control of Samsung TV

I have a Vwra Edge controller, and want to control my Samsung TV with it. I am using the TV as a large monitor for a Mac Mini, which is operated remotely via Logmein. The only thing needed to be controlled is to make sure the TV is on, and to control the volume.

I have the Samsung TV plugin installed, and connected it to the TV The TV is a hardwired ethernet connection. However none of the controls in the Vera apps seem to do anything.

The sound cannot be controlled via the Mac, which is connected via HDMI.

Any suggestions?

Samsung Model UN60JU650D

Which plugins have you tried? I have had moderate luck with the DNLA plugin on some TVs including my Smart Samsung. Basic functions of mute, unmute, and volume controls all work with zero special setup for it. My Samsung is a UN60F6300 with the latest firmware.

I have the same problem with Samsung 70KU6072.
I tried using the “Samsung TV Remote” application - I can see that the application is getting the MAC address after I put the TV IP - but that’s all - nothing else works.
I tried to use UPNP - I saw the TV 4 times - but after selecting them I don’t see them in the device list.

Can you help?

As for the scene I am looking for - is for example - selecting a Movie Scene that will turn on the TV, changes the source to …