Remote control of generac standby generator

Does anybody have any ideas on how to monitor a 22kw standby generator remotely. Specifically if it is running on utility or generator power and maybe to also add the ability to power down and later restart the generator.

Probably in the wrong section of the forum, but you probably want to do something with an Arduino so that you can use relays to start/stop the generator and also have sensor data be able to shut it off if it gets too hot, for example.

I’ve looked into this as well. Maybe a forum admin can move the thread.

I considered the Arduino route. Ultimately, sensing the presence of 240V at the output of your generator set will tell you if it’s running… and again at some point at your transfer switch will tell you if your house is connected to the grid or your generator.

I haven’t done anything with it yet, but you can start by looking into relays with a 240VAC coil. I think you’ll need those whichever way you go.

Starting it and shutting it down is a whole other beast. If the controller doesn’t already have WiFi or or some other communication protocol, you’ll need to either fool the genset into seeing 0 grid voltage, or to actually disconnect grid voltage.

You can wire a dry contact switch on your automatic transfer switch (if you have one)

This would tell you the state of the transfer switch

Likely you could also wire in a generator start top switch, and then control the 2.

Should get a generator person or electrician to review the details.