Remote control of Direct Vent Wall Furnace/Heater

I’m looking to install either the Vera 3 or Vera Lite in my remote, offgrid vacation cabin. I power my solar with solar/battery/inverter, so every watt counts. I also have satellite internet, so I can connect remotely to devices in the cabin. I heat the cabin with a wood stove and also plan to add a direct-vent propane wall furnace/heater. I’d like to find out if it is possible to control the wall furnace/heater with Vera, so I can remotely turn it on to begin heating the cabin before I arrive (the wood stove can take 18 hours to heat the cabin up in the winter, so I’d like to have the propane heater start the process before I arrive). I thought about doing it with a z-wave wall plug, but the two heaters I’ve looked at (Rinnai -, and Empire - won’t automatically turn on and begin heating when power is applied. Anyone know of a way I can accomplish this? Most direct-vent propane wall furnaces/heaters I know of don’t work off standard HVAC thermostats - they either use internal thermostats or simple direct-wired thermostats. I’m impressed with the potential of the Vera products for what I’m looking for, but being able to control the wall furnace would be key.