Remote API doesn't let me do a user_data request.

I’m having trouble with the remote API. I wondered if anyone else had got this kind of thing working? I’ve cobbled this together with info on this forum. I think I’ve done all the right stuff to authenticate. Following authentication, the results I get…

[ul][li]Placing a variableget call seems to work fine.[/li]
[li]Placing a sdata call seems to work about half the time. Half the time it gives HTTP status code 200, but just returns an empty payload.[/li]
[li]The user_data call never works, status code 200, but always an empty payload.[/li][/ul]

I’m using Python urllib2 for HTTPS. Happy to share a link to code (on github). The code logic so far is…

[ul][li]Request to… with a SHA1 password hash. Successfully returns several values.[/li]
[li]Request to to get a session token for authd11. Works[/li]
[li]Request to to get SERVERDEVICE. Works.[/li]
[li]Request to SERVERDEVICE/info/session/token to get a session token for SERVERDEVICE. Works.[/li]
[li]Request to SERVERDEVICE/device/device/device/DEVICE to get SERVERRELAY. Works.[/li]
[li]Request to SERVERRELAY/info/session/token to get a session token for SERVERRELAY. Works.[/li]
[li]Request to SERVERRELAY/relay/relay/relay/device/DEVICE/port_3480/data_request?id=user_data&output_format=json. Status code 200, empty payload.[/li][/ul]

Any ideas? Anyone know if there is an official protocol spec for the remote API?

Ok, I’m getting somewhere. I was coding in Python using urllib2, changing to use Python requests fixed things: I think MCV’s web servers don’t agree with Python urllib2.

Were you able to get this working? I’ve been looking around for how to do remote access and I see no documentation.