Releasing code for the first time on App Store...

…or is that MiOS Marketplace??

Having written a possibly useful app for the Netatmo Weather Station [url=,16276.0.html],16276.0.html[/url], and having had a few folk install it the hard way, I feel the need to release it more formally. This presents a few challenges…

First, getting some grief… a particularly unhelpful message on trying to test the plugin:
“Installation failed, reason: to install plugin.” (see attachment)

When I get beyond this, I see some other potential difficulties:

[ul][li]The plugin creates some custom child devices, thus there are more than one device file - do I specify these as device files too, or put them under “Miscellaneous file” ?[/li]
[li]With the above devices come extra icons - how to include these in the install?[/li][/ul]

I’m not SVN savvy, so perhaps missing a simple trick.
I don’t have to release anything just to try it out do I ???

Thanks in advance to those who have trod this path before (I know you’re out there.)

The “Test plugin” tab always produces that error for me. Instead I go to the Versions tab and select a specific version to install.

Don’t register child devices, just the top-level one.

Thanks futzle - good advice as ever - I will give it a go…
…but still doubtful how to handle multiple .png files for the icons.

What is the doubt with the handling of multiple icons? The deployment of all icons do with the parent.

The link below which describes how this is recorded when creating the app.

Mostly my confusion arose from not having found and read this part of the Wiki: (mea culpa)

However, I am still struggling and have ended up with 4 versions, all with something wrong with them.
How to delete versions in SVN… or is that a silly question ??

I don’t think it will let you. I just deleted the app and resubmitted.

Oh no! 14 files to upload again.
It may come to that.

Noting the current Version will be released and therefore, you have superseded the previous version. This is what the SVN is managing on your behalf the versioning and release. You do not need to do remove old versions. It is normal to see multiple version before release… Development!

If I remember correctly the Test Plugin will only work on a clean install. I am not sure what the limiting design factor is but it is poorly implemented whatever it is.

But the Version page with all the files for every (wrong) release grows SO… long!

Easy solution, do not scroll down the page. It really does show the effort you are going to to get it right and keeps a history of what you have done. What is it really good for is when you release a new version you find a problem through regression testing or anytime later, you can compare version and files to see what you have done. This is very good from a support aspect.

Thanks for all the help. The Netatmo plugin is now released in the App store.
I must say that MCV were very quick about this… I only submitted at the weekend.