Release notes - Vistacam Outdoor 1200 camera plugin v. 1.57

We’re excited to release today a new update for the Vistacam 1200 doorbell camera - plugin v.1.57 that installs a new camera firmware v. 210121, with the following fixes and improvements:

  • Improvements in overall camera firmware operation to reduce the probability of crashes and freezes under stress test conditions
  • Camera does not display red LED when renewing DHCP lease or getting a new IP
  • Camera now detects correctly the SSID that has ‘%’ special character
  • Recordings are now properly displayed in the Records page after a camera reboot or after deleting some manual recordings
  • Recent deleted recordings do not reappear any more after FW reboot or upgrade
  • The status for the LED is persisted when a camera is rebooted
  • Switching to another WiFi now returns a response

Expected behavior confirmed:

  • During OTA upgrade but before reboot, the live view stops and cannot be started
  • Date positionX/positionY on the live stream can’t be changed, as it is a fixed value
  • Channel name and DateTime can’t be changed, as those have a fixed value
  • The two way audio volume can not be changed, it is a fixed value
  • The Blue LED blinks when someone connects to the RTSP stream
  • Recordings are ordered by DateTime and not by file name
  • If there are 5 round of switch to night mode, in 10 minutes, when the device is in auto mode, camera will be locked in night mode for 1 hour

Note: the plugin will auto-update in maximum 24 hours starting today.