Release Notes - VeraMobile for iOS v.3.51(17)

We’ve published a new update for VeraMobile for iOS v.3.51(17) with the following:

New features:

  • Added support for the new Ezlo Secure hub;

  • Added support for the new Ezlo Plus hub;

  • Added support for VistaCam 702 Wi-Fi camera for the Ezlo Secure and Ezlo Plus hub.


Hello, it appears that this new update is causing problems with my Ezlo atom Beta test. What is happening is that when it went to upgrade to 17 it caused everything on the Ezlo to hang up and not work. So, I reset everything to factory defaults and tried to add the devices back but it kept hanging the ATom and had a dim blue light over and over when i’d try to power on. After about 10 tries it went back to the normal bright blue light and then flashed like normal and then finally showed up on the Iphone wifi. I was able to then add it back into my Vera account with my Vera Plus as normal and connect. But then it had these messages over and over and over each time I would try to configure it asking for a Time Zone update. Really annoying. If i added devices it would hang and not allow them to work correctly or just hang when trying to do it. I would then try to reset it to defaults again and the same stuff would happen. Hanging, small lit blue light, etc. Just a real pia. I am running the latest f/w on it btw 8.528 as it updates itself after that factory reset each time. (not always cause of the hangs too remember and i have to try over and over and over sometimes up to a dozen resets a pia) Anyway, I’ve given up on the 17 code and went back to the 15 code. It at least works without all the hanging but I still have the issues when it gets the dim blue light and won’t do anything. A power reset is the only thing it can do. And even then it doesn’t work all the time and requires several tries to make something happen. Is my Ezlo Atom test unit bad possibly ? Not sure but my serial number is 70040939 if you’d like to look at my unit somehow (not able to remote connect as there’s no slider like on the Vera Plus) and I see no way to get any logs out of this thing so no help there (I’m a Unix admin so know something about that). My unit currently is not working 100% and the Termostat I use doesn’t show the correct temps after configuration in devices. Also, just now trying to look at the devices caused the Ezlo to crash again. Something is seriously wrong and it looks to me like it’s multiple issues. The funny thing about all of this is that the Ezlo Atom was working very well for me in the field tests. Yeah, of course there were the usual bugs with the devices and it would hang at times but overall it had improved greatly since the original beta version which didn’t basically do anything well. But lately I’ve come to count on it working and with this latest update to 17 that went away. And all my resets and re inits of the unit to network defaults, soft resets, and factory resets have not helped anything at all. If anything I’m ready to throw it out the window and say F’it. Please help ! I really like this thing. And for the size and price IMO it’s a great idea especially as a remote controller somewhere where you need a simple device to do a few things. (Like i do with my thermostat and control of a heater and dehumidifier and a motion sensor in my 2nd garage)

Steve Beta test guy - how about a Ezlo Plus to test too ? I put in and never heard back.