Release Notes - Vera Mobile v3.30

Hello guys,
A small update is now available on App Store.

Fixes and improvements:

  • We fixed an issue, where in some cases, the dashboard config will return to default
  • From Settings you can now switch between the dashboard views (new vs old) while all your configurations are kept in place for each view

Thank you!!

@adina.porea: I asume the Geofence issue is registered, any indication of when that will be fixed?

The geofence feature should work.
Some notes on this topic:

  • please make sure you have location permission set on always and background app refresh enabled on vera
  • if you have the wifi on, it will increase the accuracy
  • please check you have geofencing enabled for your device ( Menu->Geofencing-> The gear from the right corner of the screen → First option)
  • for auto home/away you must have the feature enabled (Menu->Geofencing-> The gear from the right corner of the screen → 2nd and 3rd options)
  • if you have scenes based on your geofences and you want to be notified when they are triggered, add your user to be notified when that scene runs ( Finish tab → Notify these people)
  • a new geofence will start working second time is triggered ( first time is considered by vera a reference)

It works perfectly on my Android phone, but my wifes iphone doesn’t work at all, and i addition to the points you mentioned i’ve tried to make new geofences, and Vera recognizes that change. In other words, some communication is there (geofence status from phone to vera), but enter/exit is not registered.

Please log a ticket with our customer care team.

No, notifications still are not working

Please check if your user is added to be notified inside your scenes with geofence.

I am not talking about notifications for scenes.
I am talking about notifications you set for geofence itself.

Geofencing is broken yet again. It catches some of the fence exits, but it hasn’t caught an entrance in several days. I’m tired of waiting for this to work correctly. It has literally been years with brief periods of correct function. Time to start looking for alternatives.

You are right. I was always testing with scenes.
A fix is waiting Apple approval for beta as we speak.
I don’t remember…are you a member of our beta group?

Great to hear that!
I’m in the beta only for Android app. For iOS it might be tricky as my corporate rules don’t allow me to install any app I like, I’m restricted to approved by the company only

I have done all the steps outlined by Adina and Geofencing and Notifications are not working. I have deleted the geofence and app and tried reinstalling the app and recreating the geofence and still it does not function.
Geofencing has always been spotty for me for some reason but now it doesn’t work at all. At least the notifications used to work but now they don’t either.

I also discovered with new options to change to old UI then back to new on Vera app, the persistent disappearing scenes will show again on dashboard. :+1:

Anyone seeing better luck with the geofences in the last day or so on iOS? Mine seem to be magically working again although maybe still not 100% of the time. I haven’t changed anything since it stopped working a couple weeks ago.

Did you update to iOS 13.3?

I’ll have to check if the phone updated itself. I didn’t manually update it in the past few days.

No I’m still on 13.2.3

The dashboard just retuned to default on my phone, so it seems that the issue still exists

I had a new issue with the new vera mobile app. I have version 3.30 on an iphone SE. It did not loose the login information, but it lost all the customizations on the new dashboard. The dashboard shortcuts are all blank now. See attached.