Release Notes - Vera Mobile iOS v3.31

Hello guys,

The iOS Vera App 3.31 update is now available.

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Changed the way Dashboard settings are stored to prevent cases where Dashboard goes back to default on bad internet connection
  • Fixed an issue where the geofence notification doesn’t appear anymore
  • Fixed an issue where dimmers with OFF state had ON specific icon
  • Fixed an issue where the offset of the dashboard elements is bad after scrolling multiple pages
  • You can now close the device control page by tapping outside the box
  • Fixed an issue where the dashboard scrolls to previous page when interacting with elements from the last page


I am new to this tread so I apologised if my questions have already been answered. Also, I am not (yet) part of the test group.

Am I correct in assuming that the new destop configuration is store in the cloud and that all devices share the same configuration?

Are you working closely with the people implementing the new dashboard on Android?

When creating, what you call “Layout” (in my view “Category” would be a more appropriate word for it) why the limitation to device or scenario. Why not anything we like?

Thanks in advance

Hi again,

Generally speaking there is alot of waisted space on the new dashboard. Each “Layout” category is fixed in size for 2 rows of devices. That is alot of wasted room if you have only one device. When created we should be able to select the size like 1x1, 1x2, 2x3 (RowsxLines) or why not 1/2x1, 1/3x1.

The samething holds true for the device icon themselves. Why not giving us the possibility to select 1x1 (current), 1x2 or 2x2 (that would be the space occupied by 4 curent devices). Each sizes would bring more functionnality/information For a lamp the current configuration is fine but for a thermostat it is not very informative nor practicle.

On a more specific note, the ARM/Disarm function for the DSC alarm panel is not working. All the button are there but non functional.

Hope this help

None of my buttons work for any plugins. I can’t click anything it’s useless.


I do not see much movement anymore about Vera mobile. Is the development still ongoing or is it considered to be completed? Are you still open for suggestion or we are too late?