Release Notes - Vera Mobile iOS v3.24

iOS App v3.24

  • New controller supported: ATOM

This New version of the Vera App allows a vast majority of the UI 7 Feature Set, to work on with the brand new controller called Atom.

  • Features implemented and available for GA release:

    • Adding an Atom controller to an account that may have one of the other controllers of the Vera family.
    • Adding devices to be controlled via Atom
      • Devices supported: sensors, dimmers, switches, lights (binary, dimmers, RGB lights), blinds, sirens, door locks
    • Managing House modes
    • Managing Scenes
      • For now:
        • Atom is released with a limit of 10 scenes
        • A scene may contain not more than 5 scheduled triggers
    • Associate devices to rooms and mark devices as favorites
    • Access information to contact our Support Team - Settings/Customer Care page
  • Knows issues:

    • Missing alerts details on UI
  • Coming soon:

    • Advanced configuration settings for Atom - setting timezone upgrading controller status
    • Devices: thermostats, garage door opener.
  • New features available for the Vera Edge, Plus and Secure controllers:

    • Introduce support for displaying device notifications in the scenes list in Apple Watch
    • Introduced possibility to unpair devices no specific wizard
    • Introduced alerts counter in the Notifications section of the landing page
  • Improvements for the Vera Edge, Plus and Secure:

    • Improved Launch and Connection to Controller Time
    • Improved stability when switching fast between controllers or connecting and disconnecting.
    • Improved data loading for controllers with a big number of devices and scenes.
    • Improved response time to device commands.
    • Improved error handling when controllers are offline.
    • Improved speed of data sync between the app and cloud.
    • Improved display on iPhone X with notch when rotating the screen.
    • Improved the way in which requests are done to the controller when the app is connected locally.
    • Improved error handling and for IP cameras, door locks and keypads.
    • Improved the way the devices are configured through the add device wizard.
    • Improved alerts display and management.

Great work team! Keep it coming!

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