Release Notes - RTOS v.8.514

We’ve released today a new RTOS v.8.514 for Ezlo Atom and Ezlo PlugHub

  • Improvement in stability

  • Improved connectivity to cloud servers

  • Memory usage optimization


  • Fixed the issue about not being able to change the color on Zwave RGB bulbs
  • Bug fixing on Z-Wave devices

Known issues:

  • Issue on Plughub where in case switch on / off manually the Led does not light up after power on.
  • Issue with incorrect sunrise/sunset time for scene in case the timezone is changed after enrollment. The sunrise/sunset scenes are calculated based on location and for the moment we do not have UI support to change it after enrollment (API is in progress of being integrated in UI)
  • Issue on devices that support Tamper where the broadcasts and notifications generated are opposite to the actual tamper state.
  • Issue on certain setups where the list of scenes might not displayed temporary in the mobile apps. We are working to find the root cause and fix the issue

Hi @Ioana
I’m an Atom V2 Beta tester.
My Atom V2 is still with 0.8.499

Shall I do something to upgrade ?

Thanks for your explanation

So is my Atom.

Maybe try unplugging it and back in again.

Hi @cw-kid
I have try unpluģing AtomV2
Stay in 0.8.499

Shall we wait Web UI to upgrade ?


They normally update themselves or a reboot / power cycle does it.

Perhaps Ioana can shed some light on it.

I’ve been concentrating on the Ezlo Plus since I recieved it so not really looked at the Atom.

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No, it should upgrade automatically, or after a power cycle.
I’m asking a colleague to look into this issue, most probably I’ll send you a DM to ask the details about your Atom.

No :innocent:, but I see what you did here. :nerd_face:

Ive just power cycled the Atom and its still version 0.8.499.

Mine says firmware: “0.8.798”, with a build date of April. So what version is that?

Both of my Atom V2s are also running 0.8.798 (presumably v.8.798?). If it weren’t for the April 22 build date, I’d say that 0.8.798 is later than 0.8.514… The Ezlo team is looking at my Atom V2s so I am sure they will shed light on the mystery.

How do you see the build date on an Atom? You can’t SSH into it.

In the Android app under Settings - Customer Care on mine it just shows you the app version and the firmware version number of the Atom.

If you do a in the API toll it will tell you that level of detail.

For me it also shows that the location settings are wrong, but I have no idea how to correct those. Other that full reset and install from scratch, and that should not be needed for this type of change.

Cheers Rene

The build time, mine looks to be 1st of July.


time: “2020-07-01 T18:15:55+0000”

And the version is 0.8.499

Also my location settings look to be correct says “London”.

Well it’s the right country at least LOL.