Release Notes? iOS app V 3.63

Any release notes for this update that came this morning? Would be good to understand what changed over prior.

Also, next release you should have a tab within the app somewhere to say what version it is. I searched all the tabs and couldn’t find an “About” tab within the app to show what rev it is. You show the rev on web pages readily (v. 1.50.2 in bottom left of page), you should show revision in the app somewhere too.

On iOS you can go to Menu > Settings > Tech Support to get the App version: (2)

Thanks for the suggestions about the notes. There is an option on the app Store to check the Version History that may include some more info about the version release.

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On Android app you go to Settings - Customer Care and at the bottom of that page it shows the app version number.

‘Bug fixes and improvements’ is about as generic as it gets.