Release Notes - EzVidoo pre-beta v.0.15.0

Hi everyone,

We’ve released a new **EzVidoo release v.0.15.0 **

You can download it both for Windows or Linux under its homepage.

EzVidoo is a full-blown CCTV capability that has a hub running in it that can run both in Windows and Linux environments. It is FREE to install and use it locally on your own computers!

EzVidoo is the Next gen CCTV because it has a hub built-in. So with EzVidoo you can run Ezlo hub firmware on your own Windows PC or a Linux Computer. You can also transform any IP camera that supports RTSP protocol into a motion detection trigger device for your smart home system. World’s first Free CCTV software that has a full blown Hub Firmware built in running both windows or linux.

New Features

  • added PTZ functionality to supported onVIF cameras
  • added QR code scanner functionality to automate using qr-codes
  • logging functionality to UI
  • added sound thresholding based notification, automation
  • changed default ports which conflicting stock apps
  • realtime stream reconnects if broken

Bug Fixes

  • improved flow to meshbot functionality
  • fixed video not showing in person testing screen
  • fixed video not showing in hotzone testing screen
  • bug fix in image not showing in hotzone first time added

Great work guys!

now you can generate and read QR codes!

QR Codes will now be integrated into MeshBot so that you can create a rule. like “Between 6pm and 8pm, open the door if this specific QR code is seen” etc :slight_smile:

very nice indeed!


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