Release Notes - EzVidoo pre-beta v.0.14.1

Hi everyone,

We’ve released a new **EzVidoo release v.0.13.0 **

You can download it both for Windows or Linux under its homepage.

EzVidoo is a full-blown CCTV capability that has a hub running in it that can run both in Windows and Linux environments. It is FREE to install and use it locally on your own computers!

EzVidoo is the Next gen CCTV because it has a hub built-in. So with EzVidoo you can run Ezlo hub firmware on your own Windows PC or a Linux Computer. You can also transform any IP camera that supports RTSP protocol into a motion detection trigger device for your smart home system. World’s first Free CCTV software that has a full blown Hub Firmware built in running both windows or linux.

New Features

  • Tagging histories and clips by detections
  • camera ip changes tolerated automaticly with re-searching cameras by MAC address
  • added 0.14 version virtual hub for instant streaming to mobile apps
  • added settings section for timezone and storage controller
  • writing motion levels to DB and displaying
  • Test screens now shows the video instead of static preview picture
  • hotzones motion sensitivity now inheriting from camera sensitivity

Bug Fixes

  • UI reconnects automaticly when stream broken
  • black screen shown for the first time added cameras
  • fixed stability problems when cameras first time added
  • fixed crashes, memory leaks
  • added settings pa
  • fixed wrong clip lenght for rtsp bad input
  • fixed not working test screens
  • related clip/related history buttons not working
  • streaming instabilitys for the first time added cameras
  • stream preview image update instability problems for the just added cameras
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