Release Notes - Ezlo Smart Home Control skill for Alexa

We’re excited to release today a new update on our Ezlo Smart Home Control skill for Alexa:

New devices supported:

  • Shades
  • Water valve

Utterances for the newly supported devices:

  • Open
  • Close
  • Lower
  • Raise

New features:

  • All new devices that will be paired with the Ezlo hub will automatically appear in Alexa and you’ll get a notification.

Please note:
The Ezlo Smart Home Control skill can be used with an Ezlo hardware: Ezlo Atom, Ezlo PlugHub or a Vera Edge that runs the alpha Ezlo Linux firmware.

Steps to install the Ezlo Smart Home Control skill:

  1. open the Alexa app on you mobile phone
  2. tap on the side menu
  3. Select Skills&Games
  4. Tap Search and write Ezlo Smart Home Control
  5. Install the skill and login with your Vera account (same account you use for accessing the VeraMobile app)

And when are the people who bought your vera secure and plus going to get a long awaited update to thier alexa skill?

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Hi @ElCid - currently we don’t have any work in progress for the Vera skill. Our last update was done in July 2019 when we added support for other languages.

So why are you selling secure and plus if you are not supporting them to the same standard as atom and plug.

I for one will be taking the lack of support on board, and will be looking for a new company that will support all its products evenly.

p.s. when was the last time the vera amazon skill got a update that added functionality?

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I have asked the same question, never received an answer. Why do they keep fleecing people by selling Vera products if they are not going to support them.

We’re currently working on different ways for users that have Vera controllers to use the new Ezlo Platform - one way is via the Ezlo Linux firmware - see the alpha we started for Vera Edge controllers , another way is via hub grouping that will allow using Vera controllers with Ezlo controllers and benefit of all the features we’re developing on Ezlo, but we’re still working on defining this one.
We want all of you to use the Ezlo Platform, so we’re investing in solutions that allows you to do this. Meantime, we’re also working on the Ezlo Platform features, as you can see from all of our posts in the community because we want you to have most of the features you’re currently having with Vera, plus other new features.

Thats no help as we would have to start from scratch with Ezlo firmware. Thats not what i want and i don’t think others want that either.

If Ezlo don’t start supporting vera hubs (add missing amazon support, ifttt, zigbee full stack) when this hub has to be replaced i will be remembering how Ezlo just stopped supporting a hub they still sell.

I want all the features i currently have not most.

Ps. can i get a responsive answer to my question?