Release Notes - Ezlo Linux Firmware LIVE release for Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure controllers

We’ve released today a new Ezlo Linux Firmware LIVE release for Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure Ezlo controllers

New Features:

  • Added a new integration: Broadlink’s IR blasters (tested the functionality on models RM4 mini, RM mini 3 si RM pro+). The integration supports learning IR codes and using them directly or in scenes.
  • Added support on the firmware side for sending notifications if the controller was connected to power (the Cloud/UI support for it will come together with the future releases)
  • Added support for using Ezlo cameras in House Modes (The support on mobile apps will come together with the next releases)
  • Added AES and base64 functionality to Lua


  • Fixed the Issue with sensors that could have the status changed to Armed after the upgrade in case there were zwave plugin changes for those specific devices from one FW version to another.
  • Fixed the issues reported by community that Ezlo Plus was flashing yellow/orange and not responding. The issues was caused by memory usage on http connection and it was fixed in this release

Known issues:

  • Issue with the Led behaviour in the devices exclusion process where the LED on the controller flashes as if the controller is still in exclusion mode even after clicking the “Exit” button to exit from DPW.
  • Issue on devices that support Tamper where the broadcasts and notifications generated are opposite to the actual tamper state
  • Issue on Z-Wave devices with “electric_meter_amper” that is updated only when the hub is restarted. Ampere meter not changing value instantly once pairing a device supporting it (for example pairing a switch and adding some load to it - e.g. connect a bulb)
  • Issue on Vera Edge where after the first update from Vera FW to the new Linux FW the “Internet” LED is OFF
  • Issues with some Door Locks, as Danalock V3, that are not added with S2 encryption