Release history for 899?

Where is the release history of 899 so I can check if my problems are solved?

Are you asking for the ‘download URL’ to give Vera, so you can obtain .899?

Here it is:

Since then, MCV released a very minor update, namely .900, which accommodates a better – but SLOWER – backup of certain problem Z-Wave dongles:

No I am looking for a list of changes/fixes performed in 899 so that avoid updating if my paricular problems are NOT solved - that’s all…

I thought that might be what you were looking for.

Does MCV ever publish “changelogs” or “Release Notes” with each firmware? I’d like to see that info myself!

Agreed, I would as well.

Yeah, there should be a list of fixed or updated items for each sucessive firmware version that is released. Some of that info is if available but it would be nice to have it all in one post that is updated as new releases come about.

Seems like the documentation you’re requesting should reside here:

Although in practice, that Wiki page has not been updated since August 21!

FYI, I just did a quick calculation, and by my reckoning, MCV has been able to churn out firmware sub-revisions at the rate of one every 7.3 hours over the past 10 days!!

Perhaps equally amazing is the fact that the pace of posted sub-revisions (which includes unreleased in-between, incomplete or test firmware) has been consistently below 10 hours (9.8 to be precise) since mid-June, 2009!!!