Registration ID won't take

Hi. I upgraded/migrated from vera 3 ui5 to a edge. After everything was migrated the PLEG event complained about “Not Registered”, so I dutifully bought a new license because it is a new unit. But the pleg device wont update from the old license id to the new id. I copy in the new id and click verify but nothing happend. If I navigate away from the registration tab and back it revert to the vera 3 id.
What to do?

Did you move over your setup from a backup? I ran into this issue. PLEG didn’t move over very well. I ended up having to delete all my PLEGs, uninstall the plugin, and reinstall it.

The registration then worked (I think I had to press it twice… not sure if it didn’t work the first time or it was just slow). In fact, the PLEG display looked all different.

BTW, I ran into multiple devices that didn’t carry over very well. Had to exclude and include a few of them to get them to work right.

You must manually updates the PLEG plugins if you move from UI5 to UI7.
The same version of the plugin is different on UI5 and UI7 … and the installation/upgrade process will sort out the differences.