Rediscover existing Zwave device

I was wondering if there is a way to rediscover an existing device without unbinding it.
The reason for this request is that whenever you get a new firmware you might have new supported devices.
For instance, on the 7.0.29 firmware Vera added support for Neo Coolcam NAS-WR01Z Power Plug that I already have added previously.
On the next release there should be support for the Fibaro FGS-2123…


Try reconfiguring the device. It should go through command class and in particular device identification again and configure accordingly. Sometimes though it will delete the UI device object and create a new one in the process which means that you will have to remember the original device id# and put it into the new device id# to maintain your automations but the altid (zwave node#) will remain the same.

Hi @rafale77, are there any settings that are necessary to enable or can prevent the command class and device identification happening? In particular in UI7 (Vera Plus 7.0.29 (1.7.4453)) I was thinking of

“Settings >”,
“Automatically configure” “Use default behaviour/Yes/No”

and also

“Z-Wave Settings”
“By default Vera should automatically configure devices” [Tick box]

You hit all the right settings.

The second (general zwave) you are pointing out defines the default and corresponds to the default behavior in the first setting you found which is device specific.
I have mine set as enabled by default in the general zwave menu and disable only very specific devices which I want to configure manually.