Recurring events


Apologies if this is a repeat but a search didn’t find me the answer.

I can get this to work fine with single events.

I have a recurring event in my calendar for when to open the curtains and wake me up. This way, I don’t have to add something into the calendar every day - it’s always the same time.

However, it doesn’t appear to get recognised. Is this because it isn’t supported - in other words I have to go through my entire calendar to put in single events?



It depends to some extent if you are using a google calendar or an ical (either directly or linked to your google calendar).

If it’s an event that is defined in google calendar - then it works perfectly. If ical is involved - then it’s hit and miss (iCal implementations vary considerably).

So - assuming that you are using a recurring event defined in google – then you likely have the triggers set up incorrectly … or something else …

As an aside – the test calendar that I provided for testing purposes (see very first post), is defined with recurring events.

Let us know how you make out as these posts can assist others.

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