Recommended Dimmer Bulbs for Fibaro Dimmer (UK)


I have a couple of Fibaro dimmers (v1 & v2) but I’ve never been happy with low voltage bulb/bypass choices I’ve made. In the end I’ve gone back to the old fashion bulbs (60w)

Please can you let me know what others are using ? (Product / model no)

I’ve switched (sorry for the pun ) to Fibaro RGBW controllers for low voltage dimmers. If you’re only using one colour than that’s four independent controls for the price of one.

Hi @akbooer

That sounds v. interesting :slight_smile:

I am only interested in controlling one colour (so that’s good) - but can you help me to understand how that works with things like LED or of CFL low voltage bulbs you would have around the house, which will be connected to the main lighting circuit ?

Are each channel dimmable too ?

The RGBW controller runs on 12-24 V DC, so yes, you need a transformer to match the bulb voltage. Yes, all channels are individually dimable. Combined 12A (sum of all connected output channels); 6A for single output channel.

Thanks @akbooer, I’ll look into that for some other uses within the house.

Refocusing on the Fibaro Dimmer modules - please can people share the single dimmer compatible bulbs that they are using ?

I tried allot of different dimmable LED bulbs with the Fibaro dimmers and if I have more than one bulb of any type they seem to work just fine but in some locations where there is only one bulb I got some flickering no Mather what bulb I used. With or without the dimmer bypass.
For me the cheep noname LED bulbs from china worked best and expensive “Fancy” Philips bulbs like these ->[url=][/url] gave me flickering. Allso the cheep LED bulbs from our local Biltema [url=][/url] works quite good.

Some Fibaro dimmers I have replaced with Qubino dimmers. The Qubinos works every time with every dimmable bulb I have tried.

I found that even with the bypass the relatively expensive branded ones stayed on in the off position. Cheap Chinese ones worked fine…

I use the luceco dimmable led gu10 with fibaro dimmer 2 & bypass without any problems.

I found this site quite cheap for lamps and prompt delivery.�3.18+Each)/3824402929

Thanks all

I’m specifically looking for the bayonet (or screw in) traditional type bulbs? What are people using with their Fibaro Dimmer and bypass ?

I’m using GU10’s - I have got some screw-in but they failed. Its trial and error, I experienced error… Bear in mind that if your total power is less than 40w (likely) you’ll need a bypass. I couldn’t get this wired at the switch (despite good support from Fibaro) so suspect the whole lot need wiring in the ceiling which is a nightmare for all sorts of reasons.

Hi All

I’m still looking for recommendations for traditional dimmer bulbs (bayonet fixing) that work well with the final dimmer (v1 or 2)

I’ve been using the old fashioned bulbs but they are getting harder to find so want to move to a low energy type (still with the bayonet fixing)

I’ve just replaced some ‘own brand’ dimmable ones that had a slight buzz when dimmed, and a not very much dimming range and then failed after about 3 months use with new Philips MasterLED 9w Dimtone bulbs - completely silent and smooth dimming and much better looking light which dims down to a very warm light in a sort of low voltage halogen type way.

Using Fibaro Dimmer 2 with the bypass (which was already fitted and so I haven’t tried them without) - One on a circuit on its own and a pair connected to the same dimmer - both configurations work perfectly.

Philps part number is 48134900

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the recommendation - it’s stuff like that that I really need because I too have had bulbs that would buzz, especially when the dim level was at a certain point

I’m always looking for more bulb options in the UK

So if anyone else is using a particular type/model , please share below

Many thanks…