recommend a good thermostsat for veraedge?

Hey guys I’m looking for a good zwave thermostat to remotely control my heater/thermostat.
I’m not sure which one would be compatible with my system.
I have a gas furnace that heats water to circulate thru the old style stand up radiators, along with some new style baseboard water heaters.
My current thermostat is set to electric which is connected to a wire down to the furnace.

I believe when heat is turned on it simply completes the circuit connecting/jumping the 2 wires that go to the furnace turning it on. So I would likely need an electric setup, The switch on my current thermostat is set to electric.

So can someone recommend a nice looking cheap thermostat to comunicate with vera edge for remote management?
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I dont know about your setup but just keep in mind that you may need an extra wire to power up the zwave. I had to add a doorbell relay tied into an electrical outlet in order to accomplish this. I use the honeywell Model # TH8320ZW. Not the most world class looking of the zwave thermostats but works for me. I have water based heating that uses wires to got to the basement as well to complete a circuit. If I had to do it again I would probably go with the nest.
I would say do some research and ask stores that sell them some questions regarding your setup. Good Luck

I use two different thermostats in my system.

One is remote with a boiler switch, the other is mains electrical and it actually supplies the power to my electric towel rail.

Both work really well with my vera edge.
The remote one is the Secure 321 (horstman) and the wired is by “heatit”
The heatit one is modern and stylish.

I recommend the Lowe’s iris zwave thermostat. It’s an RTS CT101 if I remember correctly. It supports a plethora of heating systems from 2-5 wire and can run off a 24v C wire or a set of AA batteries.

And it’s under $100. If you get one of their frequent coupons and/or use discover points you can get it for significantly less.

Appreciate all the replies,
I’ve seen a lot of forums with people returning their iris and nests, their both over $150 I think too so I was trying to stay away from those 2.
I wound up going with the GoControl GC-TBZ48 (got it for $65 new on ebay).
It was in the add device list in the vera app and it’s not bad looking, besides it was for a tenants apartment just so I can be alerted if the temp dropped below a certain point in the winter, ie. if they leave for a few days and forget to leave the heat on the pipes won’t freeze and burst.

I’m still looking for a nicer looking one for my apartment too, will look up the secure 321 and the honeywell.
Can anyone else recommend a nice one for under $150 ?

Our heating is likely to remain stand alone for the foreseeable future. We use a perhaps earlier Honeywell system with a thermostat on every radiator. I don’t get any feedback to our HA from it but I believe it will ensure each room is kept to at least 5C even with the room stats/controllers set to off.

That said, I think if I wanted to go Z Wave, I would use the only Z Wave sensor we have so far which is the Fibaro 3 in 1. With motion detection, you might consider it too intrusive for your use and I’m not sure where you are with cheap (this one is currently around ?50 UK) but it is nice looking, not too noticeable, gives credible readings and can be configured to report changes (the other one is light level) as you require.

(I’d also need a Z Wave relay and some other form of TRV - possilbly the old manual ones if I took that route)