Recheck a condition with PLTS

Since PLTS doesn’t have a way to use underscore syntax on its conditions, I’m not sure how to continuously check if something is true.

I’m turning on the lights in my garage when I open the door from the garage to the house. This triggers a countdown before turning off the lights. I’d like the light to stay on if the door stays open.

I know that I can use syntax like:
(door_open; Now > 1:00)

But that’ll only fire true once at the 1-minute mark. I want to check repeatedly (periodically).

I tried using PTLS’ timeRemaining device property, but can’t get seem to get comparisons to work. I tried:

door_open or (door_open AND (time_remaining lt 240) )

also tried:

door_open or (door_open AND (time_remaining lt 4:00) )

Any pointers?

Turn on the Light when the DOOR opens.

Trigger the timer when the DOOR is closed.

Awesome. I keep making things more difficult than they need to be.

Thank you.

It occurs to me that this would be thwarted if the door was closed and re-opened, though.

Not if you reset the timer when you turn on the light.

If you opened and closed the door and then re-opened it, the initial timer would still be counting down and eventually turn the light off.

Is there a way to do a comparison with the timeRemaining property of the PLTS?

I got this sorted by creating an interval that’s true once a minute.

Reality check - does having an extra once-a-minute have a lot of overhead in the resources of my Veralite?