Recent device selector feature idea

I’m tinkering around with a feature that allows me to have a quick selector for devices from the actual device page. I’ve had a need to want to check multiple cameras quickly and thought it might make sense to have a view that can display multiple cameras. Then I started thinking if i could have a way to possibly select different cameras quickly maybe i could just keep that screens as is but allow one to quickly look at multiple things without needing to go back to the main page a lot. My initial thoughts are to display the last 5 most used items of that device type. So show up to 5 of the most used cameras. When you click on items in the app, i keep a counter on how many times its used so that would be the driver. Is this something anyone would find useful other than me?

Spencer :slight_smile:

I would find that helpful

I think i got a first draft about ready for release. It will add a new button to the devices pages to be able to select the top 5 devices used in that category (lights, cameras, etc).

Has this made it to release yet? Happy to help test if not.

Yes, there is now a list of cameras at the bottom of the app so you can quickly switch between them.