Rebuild mesh Network?

I wonder if it’s possible to make the Vera Edge rebuild the mesh network and not needed to exclude and then include them in Controller again, so that the devices finds new ways to talk to the Vera controller. It might be so that one of my switches don’t mesh with a unit in same room and there for is the communication between the switch and Vera Edge really bad.

Your mesh is recalculated every night in what is called a network heal.

Sometimes, though not often, an individual device will develop enough problems that you might need to Exclude and Include that device. The Exclude resets it to factory defaults and you then have a fresh start when you include it again.

You should not need to Exclude and Include every device.

OK! Is there anyway to run this process, network heal, manually or is it done when rebooting the Vera?

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It’s done every night at 1 or 2am. It has already happened twice since you started this thread.

It can be initiated manually. Here’s one of several posts I’ve made in the past that explains how-to manually initiate a network heal in UI7.

Be aware that this is unsupported and some people have reported issues with the method. However, I have not been able to verify any of these issues.

is there still a timeout on this as per previous versions which i think bombed out after 10 minutes, I recently added about 10 devices to my network and since then have started having issues with some scenes and trying to work out the issues.

have a support ticket open but as usual - progress is a little slow as its difficult to diagnose…

Sorry, I don’t know what timeout you’re referring to.