Reading Variables or On/Off Status

Hi I have a Everspring Small 3-Wire Z-Wave In-Wall On / Off Module AN179-0.
As this has low voltage switching operator. I wired it up to magnetic switch, when parcel box is open switches off.

When parcel box opened (device off) triggers PLEG to send Alert “Parcel delivered”

I wanted to view the On/Off status in Homewave, if I used an on/off binary. The device could be switched on and off. Which would throw out the status for sending alerts out of sync

Looking through Advanced -> Variables there was a Variable named “ConfiguredVariable” which seems not to be used.
I set a Pleg action to set “ConfiguredVariable” = “Open” when the parcel box is opened (device off)
Set another Pleg action to set “ConfiguredVariable” = “Closed” when the parcelbox is closed “device on”

I Sorry for the long preamble, was wondering is there a way to see the device On/Off status in Homewave but prevent the device from being operated from Homewave.

I then set Homewave multivalue display variable “ConfiguredVariable”
Thanks in advance for any suggestions

If you are able to use an on/off binary control in HomeWave for this device, simply open its properties and set it to “disabled” to prevent any changes to the device from the app.

Hi thanks, now on/off now only indicates only, no control. I took to disable, mean module disabled, dooh.