Reactor: Tutorial and Cookbook Videos on YouTube

As of June 2, 2019, here is the current list of Reactor YouTube videos.

If you have suggestions for topics to cover, please by all means make them here! I would love to know what you want to know…

#000 - Installing Reactor - Start with the most basic step, for those that need it; intended for the new Vera user.

#001 - Getting Started with Conditions and Activities - A simple example that shows how to write a condition and take action.

#002 - Groups, Trip/Untrip - An introduction to condition groups, and the historical context of a ReactorSensor’s tripped/untripped state.

#003 - Simple Motion-Controlled Light - This may be the most requested automation: supervising a light using a motion sensor. This is my second version of this video.

#004 - Backup and Restore - Using Reactor’s built in backup and restore facility. If you haven’t backed up your Reactor configuration yet, you should! It takes NO time, and may save you A LOT of time later.

#005 - Turn off AC when door/window left open - Another requested automation, I introduce using expressions to collect data you can use in both conditions and activities.

#006 - Emulating DelayLight in Reactor - uses multiple condition groups, group activities, and storage variables for persistent state tracking.

#007 - Sustain and Delay Reset Options on Conditions - shows how you can use the “sustained for” and “delay reset” options to debounce inputs or delay responses to changing conditions.


Love the Storm Trooper helmet…


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Haha! I shoot those in my 90 sq ft (about 8.5 sq m) “lab”, and fortunately you can’t see the floor. It’s littered with projects and leftovers from completed projects. The helmet is actually a teaching tool that my boys and I are using to learn how to finish such things–body filler, sanding, painting, and above all, attention to minute detail and patience.

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I think I now have a grasp on the use of “not” values and making the ability to apply an action to a “not” value that does don effect the remainder of the group conditions is powerful (nesting the not condition inside of a subgroup to make an action assignment available). Also some examples of interval condition can also be powerful if you understand the logic. E.g interval condition with a delayed reset of 120sec = true for 120 sec every 10 mins (+any other assigned conditions).
Just my thoughts but enjoy the your tube videos!


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