Reactor Sensor Arm/Disarm Self & Monitor for Alert Trigger

So, have a Reactor sensor doing the following:

  • In one group, it checks if away mode is true, and if the group state of another sensor indicates all motion has stopped. It then latches on the condition. Outside of this group, I am checking house state and unlatching when this changes. (This is to prevent arming / disarming each time motion is detected subsequently.)
  • In the same sensor, I want to have another Group, check if the armed stated of the current sensor is TRUE and if the external group condition indicates that motion has been detected (also TRUE), generate an alert.

Here is the issue - somehow, within the reactor sensor itself, the only variables I see with access to are LastTrip, Runtime, and TripCount. Outside of the self, I can reference all variables. Anyway that the reactor sensor can reference more of its own variables?

Sounds like a job for Expressions, where you update (and reset as needed) some Count variable based on group activity. Should be straightforward.

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