Reactor Notifications

Hi @rigpapa,
did you ever get around to externalizing the notify actions for reactor?

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Not yet, but since we’re all sitting around at home getting tired of binge-watching Netflix, I’ll get right to it!

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OK. It’s done. Available now in the 3.6 stable branch on Github. I’ll be releasing that version to production at the end of this month.

luup.call_action( "urn:toggledbits-com:serviceId:Reactor", "SendSMTP", 
    { From="", 
      Subject="Hello World", 
      Body="..." }, reactor_master_devnum )
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Thank you Sir! You have single-handedly helped me remove 5 different plugins that all have been replaced by Reactor functionality. Really appreciate what you do.

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From a humble attempt to just provide better triggers for scenes to



Hear hear! I’ve found great joy in removing at least 3 plug-ins by replacing their functionality with pure Reactor!!

For me, it’s a quest.

Any Advice Welcome
Also in attempt to go lean & clean up my Vera Plus & being able to use Reactor for Notifications.
Does it make sense to have 1 Reactor for low Battery Notifications?

You can do what best makes sense to you. For monitoring multiple devices across a number of rooms, I tend to use a single ReactorSensor in a room called “Virtual Devices” that handles all the house-wide stuff. But do what you find most logical and maintainable.

That is what I was thinking & my understanding is that if Reactor takes care of all Notifications then I will have no more Scenes running on my Vera Plus?

That depends on how you do notifications. If you use the “Vera Native” notification type, with or without VeraAlerts, then hidden scenes are still used, because that’s how Vera notifications work. But you don’t have to manage those scenes, and you likely would not even be aware they exist, as you’ll never see them–Reactor does all that.

Reactor can also send SMTP (email) messages directly, send Syslog messages to a server, send Prowl notifications, or do URL requests.

Yes I am using smtp in Reactor & if I move my battery notify to a single Reactor? I don’t see that I will need VeraAlerts any more & I don’t use Vera Native for notifications.

Yes, all that’s fine: SMTP notifications, one ReactorSensor for all battery devices, no VeraAlerts needed, no native notifications.

Exactly! Living the dream. Getting rid of unneeded plug-ins one by one, replacing with Reactor, is my motto.

My reason for placing all “Alerts” into a single Reactor was as much about keeping all the related Expression variables together (and therefore reusable as I add future battery-powered devices), as it was about keeping things organized.