Reactor not updating device list?

Running Reactor 3.8 (claims it is the latest) on my Vera Plus.

I recently swapped out two of my devices, but the new devices aren’t showing up in the device listing. See screen shots for differences. The main device in question is a simple dimmer switch, device ID 401, currently named RedDoor light (no space between red and door, just to make it a different name). The old device was named Red Door light (with a space), apparently device ID 243, and it had failed.

How can I get reactor to get the new list of devices?

Screenshot 2022-12-23 at 1.17.46 PM

So it looks like it might have just been a timing thing. After letting it sit overnight, I tried again this morning, and the listing had been updated. So :man_shrugging:

When you delete or replace devices, the Vera UI (or more correctly, the API on which the UI depends) loses sync with the device data on the hub, so you have to resync with a hard refresh of your browser, which flushes the browser cache for the site (Vera UI) and causes a complete refetch of the latest data.

Reactor 3.8 is not the latest (although it is the last version published to the Vera App Marketplace). Please see the pinned post for latest release information and how to install it. There are fixes and optimizations in the latest versions, and I continue to update them as needed.

Yeah, I did a couple hard refreshes. Didn’t help. I also noticed the posting that claimed newer versions were available, but since my Vera didn’t offer anything newer, I didn’t pursue that possibility. In any case, it did update eventually, and seems to be working properly.

The current version is 3.11. Fetch and install instructions are in that pinned post.

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