Reactor not seeing Netmon instances

Sorry for cross posting, but I’m not sure if this is an issue with NetMon or Reactor.

I just installed NetMon today and figured I would try it as another tool for Vera. I’ve installed it, created two instances, and NetMon seems to be doing it’s job, however, Reactor isn’t seeing it.

In this post, W1se one posted a Reactor scene which shows it being seen by Reactor, so I’m a little puzzled why I can’t find it. I’ve reloaded the engine, and Reactor just isn’t seeing the devices. It’s been a few hours, so I know it can sometimes take 10 or 15 minutes for devices to settle down, but this seems longer than expected.

I created a room for IP monitoring, and that room is not showing up in Reactor. As I’ve said, I’ve reloaded the engine, as well as rebooting Vera entirely, and Reactor is failing to see the devices I created.

Any advice?

Don’t forget to hard-refresh your browser (typically CTRL-F5) as a final step before moving on.

NETMON has a little delay in getting it set right. I’ve changed the IP address that it pings, due to a phone upgrade. and it takes a few minutes to change that IP and start monitoring the new IP. With that aside, NETMON is seen in Reactor as a motion sensor. I’m assuming you are talking about the Reactor plugin and not MSR here. I know Plus responded about MSR, but I didn’t see any reference to MSR in your post.

Here is a screenshot of my Reactor plugin monitoring the child devices that NETMON creates. I don’t monitor anything direct from NETMON itself. My condition is set to monitor if the motion sensor has been tripped. If NETMON cannot ping a phone, it trips the sensor to 1, meaning that phone is no longer on the network, or in the house. In my screenshot, 3 people are out of the house and me, I’m still in the house. ( And haven’t left since 2 Aug. :blush: )

It turns out it was a browser issue. I did a hard refresh, and the devices showed up in Reactor. I think I had run into that once before and completely forgotten about it.

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