Reactor "No Eligible Variables"

I’m trying to implement some smart control based on energy pricing using a manually created energy meter and specific variables pulled using lua/api into the meter. I have that working well. Next steps I need to pull those into reactor to create triggers.
When i try to create variables I get “No eligible variables” on the device.

The variables are, amongst others:


The other part of this is here Time of Use Electricity Supply - Octopus Energies

I think i’ve found a workaround by inserting another energy metering variable (like watts) from another device and then changing the device # and the variable name. The data is pulled then.

Though worth mentioning as it would be nice if the listed although nonstandard variables were pulled through to reactor using the insert option :slight_smile:

Reactor lists all the variables that are on the device you select. If it says there are no variables, it’s rarely wrong.

You can confirm what variables are available by looking at the Advanced > Variables tab for the device in the Vera UI.

I thought that was the case. (I wish I had screenshotted now). I’d only just added the virtual device and went straight into reactor and selected it. No eligible variables was the text in the dropdown, but… i’ve just rechecked it and sure enough they have populated. I have reloaded luup since.

So apologies, great work :slight_smile:
Thanks for coming back on this, as after the second try I’d started checking the device every time to copy them across. I still have few to do, so thanks again.

This must be something to do with the manually created device before luup reload, as i’d also tried to add the device as a trigger and it wasn’t in the list, thats why I started creating the variables/expressions to get the data I needed into reactor in the first place. I just rechecked and also I can select the device (i’d assumed being a manually created energy meter it also just wasn’t supported). Double win. Thanks.


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