Reactor - Need Help? Read this first

Please create new topics in this board for discussion and questions. If you have input to an existing topic, or something to add to an older topic, feel free to post a reply in it. But if your question is new, please start a new topic. Please don’t hijack other threads.

Be sure and avoid X-Y Problems by giving us the backstory! We need to understand what you are trying to do, not just a piece of how you are trying to do it. This will help us find the simplest solution for you, because the simple answer is usually the best and the easiest to remember how it actually works when you look at it later.

Also, if you have already made conditions in your attempt to build your solution, please post the output of the “Logic Summary” link on the “Tools” tab of your ReactorSensor. This is preferable to attaching screen captures of your rules. The Logic Summary also includes system information and a log of recent events. To get it to paste properly in Discourse, please include three back-ticks (```) before and after the pasted summary, to suppress the formatting Discourse will otherwise try to do to it.

So, to summarize:

  • New topics for new problems, please don’t piggyback/hijack other threads;
  • Explain what you are trying to accomplish, if it’s a “how do I” or “why isn’t this working the way I think it should” question;
  • Post the “Logic Summary” from the Tools tab, and format the pasted summary correctly using three backticks (```) before and after the logic summary content.