Reactor Icon Color

When I create a Reactor sensor, it is classified with “category_num 4”, which is for Security Sensor.

I have changed this category to “Interface category_num 1”, because I don’t want this sensor to be one that triggers an alarm. However, this brings a drawback, the color of the Reactor icon is always green, it does not change to red when it is triggered.

I think that the reactor could be in another category ( as Generic Sensor 12, or Scene Controller 14.

Well my question is simple, so that the icon changes color, has to be in category 4? Some other that enables this function?


I would recommend leaving that parameter unchanged and simply never arm the Reactor sensor so it does nothing to your alarm workflow, but otherwise can operate as intended (color change, etc.).

Thanks for your comment @VeraGator ! I thought the same thing, but for those who have 30 reactor sensors, plus 50 normal security sensors, my “Configure My Preset Modes” panel is a mess, besides having to look for what is the reactor sensor of the others due to this mess, which could have the option by sensor name description. Anyone else has another idea? Thanks.

Totally agree with you in principle, especially about the clutter of the Modes screen we all experience with multiple Reactors. I wonder if @rigpapa has any suggestions for you?

Try posting this version of the static JSON file to your Vera. This update should be applied to version 3.8 or 3.9 only (hotfixes OK).

  1. Download by RIGHT-CLICKING this link and choosing “Save as…” to download/save to a file.
  2. Upload the file to your Vera using the uploader at Apps > Develop apps > Luup files (drag the file to the Upload button).
  3. After the Vera reloads, hard-refresh your browser. This is very important.

This removes the restriction on category for the highlighting/icon, so should work with category 1 assigned.

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Perfect as always, installed, tested, and working!

Taking advantage, where do I download the Reactor version 3.9?


Check out GitHub - toggledbits/Reactor: Reactor (for Vera and openLuup) is a Vera Home Automation plugin that provides advanced programmable logic.

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Hi @rigpapa

Again, thank you for the first exposed scenario, that when changing the category, the icon color did not work. It is now perfect; when the action meets the condition, the icon changes from green to red.

But I have a comment, imagine the following routine:
Step A. Condition light off without movement (green icon)
Step B. Has movement and turns ON the light (red icon) and starts a 1-minute timer to turn off the light

Since the light is ON, step A’s condition is no longer valid, so the icon turns green again, but the activity is still in progress because it is counting the time to turn off. My suggestion is that in this case, the icon could be yellow.

That is, if we create a condition for an action to start (goes from green to red), and in the activity, the condition is broken but the action is still in progress, then the icon should be yellow, until the activity is over, and then it would go back to green.

That’s the suggestion.


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The icon color is a function of the tripped/untripped state of the sensor-emulating behavior of a ReactorSensor. Your example is a single use case, but not all logic involving timing works in a way that definitely affects state of the ReactorSensor overall; it’s a function of what logic is chosen by the user to solve their particular problem, and that’s not something Reactor can “guess” to have meaning for the icon state in every case. There are also several different possible timing mechanisms, any or all of which can be running simultaneously, and have several different effects on RS state, or none at all.