Reactor Condition & Activities Empty

This morning I awakened to 3 Reactors not Working & Empty? Bathroom Lights, Gutter Heater & Dehumidifier. All simple operations. 9 other Reactors working fine. I had changed some functions in other Reactors but not these 3? Anybody know what may have happened? Vera Plus 7.29 w/v3.4

I think there’s an update to address this. You’ll need to restore or re-create them I think


I tried the restore but that returned empty also? I do a backup after I change or add reactors. I am thinking they are corrupted in the addition of 2 new Reactors? I did recreate them & everything is working this morning. I will check for an update & I see 3.5 is coming, I also remember seeing something about a Hot Patch?

Did you restore with the z-wave network box ticked? And, of course, you’re sure your restore is from before they emptied?

There is a 3.4 patch indeed.


Oh my… using the Vera-level backup and restore is a big, dangerous bat for this… hopefully you used the Backup/Restore facility on the Reactor master device to make backups, and restore? Also, you did a hard-refresh as the instructions state after each restore, correct?

There are hotfixes for 3.4: Reactor 3.4 Hotfixes - Reactor - Ezlo Community

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I did use the Reactor restore and had followed your above instruction. Its like a Religion with Vera. Restore seamed to work great thats why I figured the Reactors where corrupt when I did Reactor backup? I have not applied Hotfix. Will do Tonight.