Reactor 3.4 Hotfixes

This post is about current hot-fix releases for Reactor 3.4. Hotfixes address issues experienced in the wild that need an immediate update to resolve. Please check through the list of issues reported below, and apply the fix/patch documented. Hotfixes never contain new features or changes other the fix for the immediate, reported problem.

How to Hotfix Your System
Vera users can apply hotfix patches by downloading the file(s) needed from the links provided. The procedure is as follows:

  • Download the file by right-clicking on the filename/link(s) below and choose “Save Link As…”. Do not just left-click the link and copy-paste the contents into any editor. Make sure that when asked for the save filename, the file is named exactly as shown–do not add or allow any additional or changed suffixes (“.txt”, etc.).
  • Upload the file(s) to your Vera using the uploader at Apps > Develop apps > Luup files . If you are uploading multiple files, you should turn off the “Restart Luup after upload” checkbox until the last file, then turn it back on for that one. If you forget, no problem, just turn the checkbox on and upload the last file again, it won’t hurt anything.
  • Do a hard refresh of your browser. Do not skip this step!

openLuup/AltUI users can quickly apply all hotfixes by going to the “Plugins” page, entering “hotfix” in the version field and clicking the update icon.


IMPORTANT: Read above instructions carefully before attempting to patch your system!

J_ReactorSensor_UI7.js (recommended for all users)

  • 19332-01: Fix log snippet generator.
  • 19317-01: Fix “try” button (in Activity editor) handling of variable substitution.
  • 19288-01: It appears certain Unicode characters can make the ancient JSON library that is standard in current Vera firmware hiccup and produce empty results, erasing a ReactorSensor’s configuration. Several different approaches to preventing damage to the config are implemented in this hotfix.

L_Reactor.lua (recommended for all users)

  • 19273-01: Using a variable reference in a delay doesn’t work properly.
  • 19240-01: SMTP notifications to Google/Gmail fail with 555 5.5.2 Syntax error.


To check that you have properly installed the hotfix files, you should be able to observe the following:

  • Go to the “Tools” tab of any ReactorSensor, and click the “Logic Summary” link in the Troubleshooting section. You should observe that the “Version” reported at the start of the report is 3.4hotfix-19317
  • In the footer of the “Tools” tab of any ReactorSensor, you should observe that the version is 3.4hotfix-19332

Note: it is normal and correct for these two locations to show different versions from each other. Just make sure each location reports its version as shown above. The former is the revision of the core code, and the latter is the revision of the UI code.

If the above are not true for your system, please re-read the above instructions and re-attempt installation before posting to ask for additional help. Also make sure that you have done a full hard-refresh of your browser (not just a regular page refresh).

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