RE: Vista Cam cumulative plugin (beta) version 4.22 (37166)

I took the plunge on this one because I was feeling lucky with the new RC. :slight_smile:

Over time I did have some issues with cameras in the logs and when changing IP, username, etc. I’ll have to check in the logs over time to see if I still get some of the errors I used to see.

For now, I can say that the live viewing actually works far snappier, thumbnails load faster, and the UI doesn’t complain about emulation mode. So this is a great step so far.

I only have 2 older Vista Cam PT’s.

The new plugin seemed to have taken my camera offline for several minutes but it is back now. Not seeing much of a difference though the live feed seems to be choppy refreshing once per second instead of streaming with no option to change the feed type or stream.

Then change log also references “Modified camera firmware upgrade” then again I am not aware of a newer firmware for the cameras being advertised by Vera. I have been hoping one would fix my motion detection issues.

Then again I am still somewhat nervous about the new companies firmware in general. The change logs haven’t exactly been consistant, even in the formatting of font and size. There are also often duplicate entries as is also the case with the beta Vista Cam plugin, though calling it that is bordering on confusing as the plugin is actually called “Sercomm IP Camera”, but I guess who cares about consistancy. Vera never has in the past and it seems like their new parent company doesn’t either.

As an example of the duplicate entries:

  • Disable slider for sensitivity for VistaCam 701.
  • Disabled stream 2 for VistaCam 701.
  • Disable slider for sensitivity for VistaCam 701.
  • Disabled stream 2 for VistaCam 701.

Though for the vera unit change logs often there is something in between the duplicates but then again why proof read anything before posting it, not like you’re trying to look professional or anything.

Then again I am wondering where is this VistaCam 701 model they keep talking about. I have never seen one sold. I do own a VistaCam 700, which is still one of the three current models on the website. Though the change log calls it a 701 nearly a dozen times. I could accept one or two times as a typo but 10+ is a bit much. Which makes me wonder where else have glaring mistakes been made, perhaps in the code itself? How many places have a 0 been replaced with a 1 by mistake that could cause any number of issues?

Does this upgrade work for the VistaCam 900 as well?
I do get an error: “Failed to test code, please try again”.


what’s new here in Version: “38174” ?