Re-try command?

Occasionally, when sending my harmony hub a command in scenes, for whatever reason, the first attempt can fail. I’ve never gotten to the bottom of this but ultimately, re-trying the command a second time always works.

I have written some simple LUUP code which checks the state of harmony 5 secs after issuing a command (like “all off”) to confirm it has worked and if not, I send the command again. This is working well but I’m wondering if the plugin already has an in-built re-try mechanism which I’ve not yet discovered? If not, it might be a nice future enhancement if possible.


Hi sm2117,

Currently there is no retry as resending a command when not actually needed showed some unwanted side effects. So there is actually a check not to send the start of an activity when that is already the current activity.

I can investigate, but with the large delta in activity completion times it is not a trivial thing to do.

Cheers Rene

I have to say that I have never seen this so I would not want to make the retry a solution to your problem because there is existence proof that it is solvable without. You may want to inquire as to why your unit sometimes fail to get the activity change. Network problems? Vera problems? Defective Harmony hub?

Thanks for the replies.

Could be any one of those things. I’ve never gotten to the bottom of it.

It’s no big deal. As I said, I have a reliable mechanism in place to check if something went wrong and re-try after a delay period. Was just interested to know if the plugin did this out-of-the-box. If it did, I would not expect this to be default behaviour, anyway.

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