Re-Connection for Dummies

Hi Folks,
Without boring people i’m in England trying for the first time to re-connect my Vera Gateway to the router after an ISP Problem created a new IP address on router.

I now have to explain over the phone to someone who is not a PC expert how to get my Gateway to re-connect to the router.

Is it a simple case of attaching an ethernet cable from router to gateway and then unplug/reset gateway and the gateway software does the rest. Then remove ethernet cable (Gateway is about 15ft from router) and the gateway remains connected WiFi.

I hope it is clear what i’m trying to do and that someone can help.

Thank you,


Which Vera?

JJ, you said some things that don’t compute. Nothing your ISP did should affect the Vera connection. All devices in your internal network use DHCP to get a dynamic IP address from the router. Even if the router external IP address itself has changed, that doesn’t affect your internal network.

If you have not set up your Vera for a fixed IP address, then it should reconnect with a new address automatically.

I wonder if you THINK it isn’t connecting because you can’t get to its old IP address anymore. If so, you should connect via and it will find the new IP for you.

Make sense?


Thanks for the reply.

All you said is what i thought should happen eg gateway finds new IP address and connects, but this wasn’t happening??

A neighbour went into the villa and i called him on the phone to try a few things. Nothing worked until we disconnected the ethernet cable from ETH2 and put it in ETH2.
When restarted it found the router and all was well???

Thanks again for your post, i am now determined to learn a bit more about this piece of kit.